Lobster Nose Job

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Who needs a plastic surgeon when all you need is a saw! Just be carefull with that saw, kids, or you may need a plastic surgeon! Instead of a perfectly round tip and tail, the Nose Job comes with big ol’ blunt tips that you can cut into any shape you please. Give it spikes, make it asymmetric, carve a swallowtail, cut a camel toe, shape a wiener! You can cut whatever the hell you want, just don’t cut your arm off. Whatever pattern you create, the board is backed with wide and stable Jib 3BT shaping, poppy wood core, easy riding bi-ax fiberglass and a hard and fast sintered base. Slice up your own signature promodel.

COLORS: 162cm has a white base / 154cm has a black base.

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Lobster Nose joB tech

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